Telair RTT Overview

The RTT Longreach™ is a highly robust, self contained, bolt-on extension for both ends of virtually any belt loader. The RTT inceases the efficiency, speed, and safety of loading and unloading bags and small cargo on the tarmac and in the terminal.

The RTT Longreach is easily maneuvered with one hand, with simple pushbutton controls located at the handle.

On regional aircraft, the onboard loader handles the bags at waist height, stacking or unstacking with a simple, safe, sliding motion. On global narrowbody aircraft equipped with Telair’s Sliding Carpet Cargo Loading System, just two loaders – one on the tarmac, and one onboard – safely and efficiently load and unload the longest stretch aircraft. The RTT is also being used for bulk compartment loading on widebody aircraft.

In the terminal, RTTs serve today as the loading arm of world-class high-volume speed loader cells. RTTs also serve unloading stations for passenger arrival bags.

Overall, the RTT can be used anywhere there is a need to load or unload bulk items – from aircraft operations to trucks, trains, ships and more.

The simple, robust design of the RTT makes is cost effective relative to alternatives, and ensures years of trouble-free performance.


Benefits of the RTT on the Tarmac

  • Provides a mechanical loading assist for airline ground operations
  • Minimizes turning, bending, and lifting motions while loading and unloading carts, dollies, and aircraft
  • Can be added to cargo or baggage loading facilities and belt loaders (GSE) to provide better ergonomics to provide faster loading/unloading
  • Can be adapted to fit most conveyor belt loaders and features power assisted adjustments for height, swing, and horizontal position.
  • Available with or without a ball mat to match equipment capabilities to loading/unloading requirements
  • Can be used with any bulk loaded aircraft including commuter and turbo props

Benefits of the RTT in the Terminal

  • Provides loading/unloading efficiency, speed, and ergonomic advantages
  • Stationary installation
  • Integrates with existing equipment but independently controlled by loaders


Movement Control

The RTT Feedramp requires only minimal force to move it horizontally, vertically, or laterally to an optimal loading and unloading position. Bags coming off or onto the RTT are easily stacked or unloaded with a simple pushing motion.


System Specifications

Telair RTT Longreach
On the tarmac, serving both narrowbody and widebody aircraft.
In the terminal, serving speed loading cells and passenger unloading stations.
The RTT bolts on to either end of virtually any beltloader.
Used with Telair Sliding Carpet Loading System, the RTT makes loading even faster and safer for maximum efficiency.
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